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Torch-bearer of kirana gharana and carrying the baton of the rich heritage
The Times of India, January 26,2011
Sanhita Nandi with distinctiveness of Kirana Gharana, presented the Raga Miyan Ki Malhar with contrived complexities marked with charming simplicity and deft voice suited for soulful renditions. Harivallabh Sangeet Sammelan
The Tribune, January 1, 2013
Sanhita Nandi from Kolkata chose raga Bageshree to mark her debut at the Sawai Gandharva festival in Pune and laid out the beauty of this evergreen raga
The Times of India, January 10,2010
The meend, taan and gamaks were impressive.
The Hindu, Dharwad, Dec 6,2011
Sanhita’s elaboration of the raga was so deftly done that every facet of the raga unfolded in a smooth manner. There was Phirat in her sargams and her swift taans were electrifying.Sanhita took the audience through the entire scale of the raga in one continuous flow, and presented her own personality through precise technique and refined lyricism.
The Hindu, March 31,2011
Hindustani classical vocalist and exponent of Kirana Gharana Sanhita Nandi, sang to the carnatic-inclined Chennai audience and moved then with her marvelous style.Sanhita’s excellent mastery of the art came through with her rendition of a piece in Raag Megh and the final Guru Nanak bhajan that was certainly the masterpiece of the evening, and could have moved even those with negligible understanding of Hindustani classical music.
Indian Express, March 29,2011
Sanhita Nandi is blessed with a resplendent and melodious voice, which made her recital more effective and interesting. In the faster tempo, she impressed the listeners with her fast Taans, which were precise and in sur. Nandi gave an absorbing demonstration of her deep understanding of both the styles (Kirana) and her choice of compositions as well as renditions.
Saptak Music Festival,Ahmedabad – Indian Express, Jan 9 2010