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About Sanhita Nandi

Sanhita Nandi is renowned and prominent exponent in Hindustani Classical Vocalist from  Kairana gharana (also known as Kirana Gharana). She was trained under the late Pandit A. Kanan at the ITC Sangeet Research Academy in Kolkata, and later under Pandit Vinayak Torvi and Ustad Mashkoor Ali Khan. To further enrich the wealth of Kirana Gharana and repertoire of traditional compositions, Sanhita continued to hone the final musical skills from Ustad Mashkoor Ali Khan.

Her style features melodic sequences of “Merukhand patterns” the melody and emotion of the raga in slow tempo, express the subtle nuances and shades of a raga, grace notes, and the solfege through various ornamentations. She also excels in expressing the raga’s essence and emotion through nuanced intonations and phrases. Her performances are captivating and soulful, as she develops the raga with rich improvisation and fast melodic passages “Taans” to explore the perfect emotion which requires precision to execute them with accuracy of the notes.
She believes that a musician should be able to explain and visualize every musical phrase and transcend the mechanical aspects of raga development to touch the hearts and souls of the listeners. This requires grace,accuracy and emotion of the raga in various ways. She is based in New Jersey (USA) and New Delhi (India) and performs regularly at prestigious music festivals and concerts in India and abroad. She has received accolades for her mastery of pitch, tonal precision, microtones, and tone-fragments, which characterize the Kirana Gharana.

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