Major Concerts


Sanhita Nandi has performed all over the world at premier classical music festivals and concerts. Her virtuosity has been greatly appreciated by Indian audiences at the Tansen Sangeet Samaroha in Gwalior, Sawai Gandharva Sangeet Sammelan in Pune , Annual Saptak Sangeet Sammelan in Ahmedabad, The Shree Baba Harivallabh Sangeet Sammelan in Jalandhar, Laxmi Narayan Sangeet Samaroha in Amritsar, National Music Festival in Dharwad (memory of Dr. Mallikarjun Mansur), Yashwant Rao Chauhan Smriti Sangeet Samaroha in Maharashtra, Tabla Nawaz Ustad Shaik Dawood Trust in Hyderabad, Ustad Rahmat Khan Sangeet Sammelan in Dharwad, Glimpses of Kirana Gharana Music festival in Hyderabad, Samrat Sangeet Sammelan in Goa, Parampara Music Festival in Chennai, Gururao Deshpande Sangeet Sabha in Bangalore and others.


She has similarly formed a deep emotional bond with her audiences in North America and Europe by her resonant performances at the prestigious Annenberg Center in Philadelphia, Chhandayan All Night concert in NY, Spic Macay at Cornell University & Drexel University , Bharatiya Vidya Bhavan in London, MIT University in Boston, Learn Quest Classical Music conference in Boston, World Music Festival in Chicago, Arohi classical music festival in Toronto, Royal Alberta Museum in Edmonton, Raag Mala concerts at Calgary & Edmonton (Canada), Philadelphia Crossroad music festival, Concerts in Belgium, Netherlands, France and many more. Her debut film song in the movie Salt Bridge was shortlisted in the Original Song category for the Oscar 88th Academy Awards.



“Sanhita Nandi is an excellent classical vocalist from the present generation.I was amazed by her intellectual and systematic raga rendering with great skill, purity, depth and itensity. Her soulful presentations are combined with masterely command over sargams, gamaks, swift taans and perfect laykari. I can say without any hesitation that she is a brilliant exponent of the Kirana Gharana and place her among the top musicians in Indian Classical music.”
Pandit Vishwa Mohan Bhatt

I am extremely pleased to find a musically kindred soul in Sanhita Nandi. Amongst the younger musicians of the day, I find her to be totally devoted to one gharana Gayaki (kirana) without making any compromises with it. In these dog days of dwindling adherence to the gharana, Sanhita is fully committed to continue the great tradition of Kirana gharana. With this kind of commitment, I have absolutely no doubt that she will keep the pristine gharana Gayaki  alive and prospering. Kudos to her unfaltering faith in this gharana.You have all my blessings in this endeavour,Sanhita.

Pandit RajShekhar Mansur

“You are a wonderful vocalist with great poise and tonality and flow of thought. India needs deeply committed singers like you, committed to “sur”, not bothered about publicity or constantly aware of the audience sitting in front. God bless Sanhita.”
Pandit Nayan Ghosh

In these fast changing times, it is rare to come across a young classical musician, like Sanhita Nandi, who is preserving centuries old traditional music of India.
Pandit GS Sachdev

Her slow and deep exploration of the Raga to the fullest extent with intricate fast Taans and improvisations in her concerts reminds a true reflection of greatest exponents of Kirana.
K. Paramjyoti

While I’m composing, I notice that, sometimes, thought of your concert intrude. You made a deep impression on me. The thing is, I can only hear you with my “western” ears. Still, your voice hit me in a way that I was somehow, deeply familiar with. But here’s what I mean when I say “western” ears – much of your virtuostic ornamentation seemed to have analog in certain of the western tradition.I’m speaking just in terms of vocal “acrobatics” of course. During after leaving the concert, when the sound was really fresh – I was reminded of the “queen of the night” aria from Mozart’s magic flute. In fact, I’ve described my impression of your concert this way to some musician friends.

John Califra – Western Classical Music Composer